CheerfulTee T-Shirt Club

Fun to Wear Gear Delivered Monthly!

 Sick and tired of the same boring tee?

Want to put some pep in your step with a cute, comfy shirt (with the occasional side of bling)?

Get ready to push those boring white tees to the back of the drawer and make room for a fresh, fun wearable delivered each month!

Introducing  …

The CheerfulTee T-Shirt Club

A monthly subscription to receive an exclusive Cheerfully Created t-shirt design.

Just like our other custom designs, we put our cheerful hearts to work creating a new, unique design for our subscribers each month.
And because we love a little sparkle, we’ll be amping up the bling with glitter vinyl, rhinestones, or the option to get a custom monogram added during certain months.

CheerfulTee Club Perks!

Exclusive Designs

The t-shirt designs created each month will be exclusive to CheerfulTee Club members. This helps us to make super fun designs while offering them at a great rate.

Fun and Functional

Who doesn’t love a good tee? We want to spread cheer to our loyal customers by providing this monthly dose of encouragement and sparkle through bright designs and motivating messages.

Make it Yours

We will have the option to monogram your shirtavailable during certain months at no extra cost to add that little extra touch that our customers love.


When does the box ship each month?

We will ship out your t-shirt between the 24th-30th of each month. Orders made between the 1-13th will receive the following month’s box as their first order. Orders made from the 14-31st of the current month will be signed up to receive their first t-shirt two months away.

Can I unsubscribe or skip a month at any time?

Yes! You’re able to skip a month or cancel your subscription. Each month your subscription will be rebilled on the 1st for the upcoming month. 

You will receive a reminder to make changes for the upcoming month including canceling, updating an address, or skipping by the 28th. For example, you can change your May subscription information up until April 28th.

What is the sizing of the shirts like?

We always source soft, comfy tees to create our cheerful tees. You can find the sizing information here.

On occasion, we may need to use an alternative manufacturer for a super special shirt design or shirts size XS and 3-4XL. We always strive to ensure the quality and style are up to our standards of quality and ultimate-comfiness!

Can I get a refund?

Due to the wearable nature of the t-shirt club items and needing to order appropriate sizes, we are unable to refund a monthly subscription that has already been rebilled. If you are having an issue, please reach out to us at