Check out our story…

We are just a small veteran family owned and operated business with a heart for spreading joy! I started out making cheer bows for our daughter’s cheer teams and thanks to our family and friends, we have grown to making spirit wear and bows for entire gyms!

The first bows we made were 2 pieces of ribbon glued together. Well… I knew that I needed more and quickly learned how to use vinyl to make the bows glittery. Then, Chris asked me if I would like a way to incorporate rhinestones into my bows… a girl never turns down sparkles! We then started making shirts for the moms to wear to competitions, and things just continued to grow from there!

This journey has been a blast! Military life has brought so many amazing people into our path that have supported us throughout. We have created t-shirts for Navy commands and Air Force squadrons. We have embroidered jackets for firefighters and decorated socks and water bottles for cheerleaders.

We have worked with schools, booster clubs, PTAs, gyms, non-profits, and government agencies (just to name a few). And we can’t forget the many individuals who ask us to create t-shirts to celebrate that special occasion like birthdays, family reunions, vacations, and my favorite… baby announcements! We also love to help people create that perfect gift for their loved ones.

We are looking forward to see where this journey continues to take us and to having you along for the ride!

Everything we do is created for you with a cheerful heart!